X-Socks Run Performance Sock

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X-Socks Run Performance Sock
Designed with distance runners in mind, X-Socks made the Men’s Run Performance Sock for long periods of high-intensity activity; these socks offer the highest level of protection found in X-Socks’ running line. Instep, heel, and Achilles protectors all buffer your foot from the impacts generated by powerful high-duration running strides. As with all X-Socks, the Run Performance features an X-Cross bandage that supports the crucial muscles, tendons, and ligaments around your ankle. AirConditioning Channels, AirFlow ankle pads, AirCool stripes, and Traverse AirFlow Channels all work in conjunction to keep your feet optimally cooled and bathed in fresh air to prevent blisters and reduce the onset of fatigue. Anti-microbial Skin NODOR fibers retard the growth of unwanted bacteria without destroying the desirable natural bacterial environment of healthy skin.

Product Features

  • Material: 72% Nylon, 13% Elastodiene, 15% polypropylene
  • Weight/ Thickness: Medium-light weight
  • Height: Bootie
  • Recommended Use: Long-distance running, endurance running
  • Warranty: 2 Year

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