X-Socks Ski Adrenaline Sinofit Sock – Men’s

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X-Socks Ski Adrenaline Sinofit Sock – Men’s
X-Socks designed the Men’s Ski Adrenaline Sinofit Sock for skiers who push their limits in extreme conditions. The Sinofit system, featuring anti-microbial Silver NODOR fibers, offers the highest surface area of silver (99.9%) of any knit yarn construction on the market. The direct contact between silver ions and your skin retards the growth of unwanted bacteria, like athlete’s foot, without destroying the desirable natural bacterial environment of healthy skin. AirConditioning Channels, in conjunction with the Traverse AirFlow Channel system, utilize your movement to keep your foot cooled and bathed in fresh air to prevent blisters and reduce the onset of swelling and fatigue. Vertical-rod ankle padding and a large-area shin protector provide additional support and protection against the dreaded shin bang without impeding the airflow around your foot. Instep, heel, toe, outer ankle, and Achilles protectors all buffer your foot from the specific forces generated by aggressive skiing

Product Features

  • Material: 35% Nylon, 23% Merino wool, 13% polypropylene, 10% Elastodiene, 7% silk, 7% polyester, 4% acrylic, 1% Metallized polyamide
  • Weight/ Thickness: Medium weight
  • Height: Over calf
  • Recommended Use: Aggressive skiing in extreme conditions
  • Warranty: 2 Year

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